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Newcomer Parent Program


The Newcomer Parent Program aims to equip newcomer parents with the knowledge, skills and support they need to be active participants in the education of their children. Parents in turn would be able to offer support to their children so that they can succeed in their studies, find appropriate post-secondary options, and create pathways to employment


This program is built on NARRA’s experience with tutoring newcomer children, mentoring newcomer parents, and providing both students and their parents with valuable knowledge to assist in their adaptation and integration into the Ontario education system.

NARRA provides newcomer families with online tools and resources to help them cope with challenges parents face in the education of their children and to enable their children succeed in their education.

Program Key Focus

NARRA provides seminars and workshops to newcomer parents and volunteer community leaders to assist parents in understanding and navigating the Ontario education system to support the success of their children.

The activities are focused on providing

  1. equity
  2. inclusion
  3. mental health
  4. parent-focused
  5. student-centered supports