MENTORING program provides coaching and mentoring to individual and families participating in the Community Affairs and Volunteer Programs. The program focuses on personal competency and communication skills as baseline skills in building core values for a solid family. 

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NARRA provides tutoring services for children in Grades 1 to 8 who want to improve in the subject areas of English and Math in the North York area.
Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the tutoring program is offered virtually, Monday thru Friday from 4:15 – 5:45PM.

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COMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAM offers activities to develop skills, talents, socialization, and bonding between the members of the family.

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STEAM Volunteer

Contact: Tina Lauro Email: Tel number : +1(647)774-5899

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NARRA is providing fun and learning activities for children in Grades 1 – 8 that will stimulate their physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological well-being. These activities will keep the children[…]

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Building  Stronger Families

Building Stronger Communities

NARRA was established as a non-profit organization on March 16, 2016. NARRA is dedicated to fostering the unity and strengthening of family relationships. At NARRA, we believe that healthy families lead to a better society. We strive to support society by providing services that cultivate and empower family unity and strengthening family ties through strategies that address the challenges and difficulties experienced by families.

NARRA offers fun and learning activities for the whole family to support the education and human formation of each person. It also offers programs that give opportunities for volunteering that shape each individual through leadership training and community involvement.
In particular, NARRA aims to support and help children cope with their academic learning through the after school tutoring program. NARRA also creates opportunities for mature and maturing students to learn the value of educating younger students to gain the skills to integrate successfully into society. It also focuses in supporting and guiding parents to help them contribute to family unity and to form strong children.


Mentorship Program

Mentors are provided series of learning modules to maintain consistency and adhere to the vision and mission of NARRA.
Available mentoring and leadership training program.
Talks, seminars, workshops are available for personality development.
The volunteer tutors mentor the children participating in the tutoring program to help the children set goals, develop good study habits and good relationship with family and friends.
Parents of the children in the Tutoring Program are also provided mentoring on how to better help their children in their studies and build good relationship with their children.


Tutoring Program


One-on-One Online Tutorial in Math and/or English. Help in other subjects are also available upon request.
45-minute tutoring for each subject per student. The student has the option to register in one or both subjects, and in more than one day class per week.
Weekly goal setting routine:
10-minute tutor/tutee mentoring to develop study habits and life goals.
 time allocated for the specific needs of the child
10-minute overview of class topic
10-minute mentoring
completion of class assignments or school project
practice on work sheets
studying for tests and quizzes
review of daily lessons
independent reading, math practice


Tutors are volunteer high school and college/university students, professionals, or retirees. Majority of tutors are high school students. NARRA gives volunteer certificate and/or volunteer hours.
Screening include Police Check for Vulnerable Sector, interview, credentials – proficiency in English and Math.
Orientation on guidelines in dealing with children and parents.
Regular guidance from experienced staff to improve educational and tutorial skills.
Tutors who want to become mentors must undergo Leadership Training and/or Mentoring Training under the Mentoring Program. In this program, the volunteer tutors are trained to give their tutees direction on goal setting, building study habits and developing skills.


Parent involvement in the program is crucial for the success of the program.
One-on-one parent-tutor/director meeting on a periodic (?) basis to discuss the progress, struggle of the child and what help the parents can extend to the child.
A periodic parenting seminar on how to help their children in their studies.


The Community Services run through the volunteer program which aims to give the values of actively participating in the community and collaborate with other organizations with similar mission to individuals in our society. Actively and productively engaging in community affairs help in human development and values formation such as kindness, generosity, magnanimity, sociability, friendship, leadership, etc. Leadership training and mentoring programs are available to inspire, motivate and develop future leaders.
Talks, seminars, workshops for personal and career development
Volunteer appreciation to recognize the valuable contribution of volunteers in print, online and event setting.
Volunteer meetings to support the team in opening lines of communication.



HOTLINE: 647.774.5899

Community Affair Program

As NARRA recognizes that paramount to the development of children to become strong members of society, it provides fun and learning activities for families to enjoy, use time worthily, and build relationships. These activities also include leadership training that helps human development of each participant.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our programs are offered virtually through the Zoom platform.

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